5 Tips for Working Overnight Shifts

As an overnight veterinarian, you’re a hero. Whether you work in a 24-hour veterinary hospital, on call, or in an overnight ER, you serve a critical role in protecting pets when most emergencies happen—after hours. However, there’s no denying that night shifts can present challenges to a veterinarian’s health and personal life. Healthy overnight work habits […]

Improve Patient Care and Boost ROI: By Getting the Most Out of Your Teleradiology Consults

When it comes to teleradiology consults, urgency matters. For urgent medical conditions, such as when ruling out surgical issues like GI obstructions, you’ll want dependable results with a quick turnaround time. Also, clients tend to want answers as soon as possible. Within the veterinary industry, turnaround times for large teleradiology service providers have grown to […]

Benefits of obtaining three views of the abdomen

Why should you consider three view abdominal radiographs of your vomiting veterinary patients? We have all been there. You are slammed with a ton of appointments and you’re already halfway through completely missing your lunch break. Of course, Lucky the Labradoodle shows up, has been “vomiting for a few days,” and the owner has “no […]